Ashley and Devin were the cutest couple and enjoyed sharing their vows on a private beach on Longboat Key, Florida.

We dealt with some wind and varying degrees of rain…but that was not going to stop this Couple from sharing their hearts with one another.

We ended up running past sunset and it was nearly dark – but we got them married and they celebrated the night away with family and friends closest to them!

Longboat Key Weddings are so incredibly romantic, and for the most part – very private.

To be married on Longboat Key, you either must live there; be staying with someone; or,  staying in a resort to access the majority of the beaches…which ensure privacy, cleanliness, and makes for a very peaceful experience.

August was a rough month for weather along the Gulf Coast in terms of wind and rain but the beauty about Florida is that you just need some patience.

Wait just a few minutes and the air will be clean, refreshed, and invite you back to share your celebration!

Jessica from JVK Photography took some incredible shots of Ashley & Devin’s wedding evening. Her beautiful images will allow our newlyweds to relive those magical moments forever!