Happy Happy Anniversary to one of the most amazing, beautiful, incredible, couples I have had the pleasure of meeting.  It was cold as heck on your special day but you Texans are tough as nails and weren’t the least bit phased by the chilly temps!

Your Red Rock Canyon wedding was magical – because it was all about the two of you in one of the most scenic and peaceful spots in Nevada.  It’s really hard to believe that one year has passed. I am so grateful for your friendship and for the love and support you provided me through my difficult year.  The love the two of you share for each other and your families is so inspiring.

I am truly the blessed one as a result of your wedding day. I love you both to pieces and so glad we have stayed in touch and will remain a part of each other’s lives moving forward!

Happy Anniversary to you both on your special day.  As I said on your wedding day…you are truly a gift to each other – just as you are to all those that meet you.

Hugs and Love,

Bonnie x0x00x