To say that these two were just “beautiful brides” on their wedding day is an absolute understatement!

One of the greatest blessings of my job when performing a wedding ceremony, is when the bride walks the aisle toward the altar.  This is truly the most spectacular moment for me at any wedding – and I still get choked up. But on May 1st at AMY & BERTA’s wedding, I am quite sure we all stopped breathing for a couple of seconds as these two beauties were escorted up the aisle to be presented to one another in marriage. Having the opportunity to watch and feel the emotions of love and happiness expressed by family and friends at this wedding, is an experience I will never forget. There was so much love amongst this group, it was just incredible.

The Brides hired a husband & wife musician team that played and sang beautifully before and after the ceremony. They also played softly during the unity traditions, which left everyone feeling somewhat euphoric during those moments…even I had goosebumps.

During the initial stages of communication with each couple, I always ask if they would like me to acknowledge guests that are not able to attend the wedding. Some guests are simply not able to make the journey to Las Vegas, or they may have passed on – but are there with us in spirit.  Amy recently lost her mother…and the sadness of her absence was felt by everyone. It was an honor for me to speak briefly about this wonderful woman that held such a special place in everyone’s hearts that day. AMY’s mom’s presence was definitely felt as she left us all a sign on the day of the rehearsal – it was truly a very touching experience.

Everything about this couple was incredible. Their love for each other; the love shared between family and friends; the weather was perfect, the decor of this wedding was set up with such class and  elegance…it was truly a life changing and memorable day for everyone in attendance…including me.